Federal Cybersecurity Study

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Discover the key findings of the Cybersecurity Strategy at Federal Organizations report, and the implications these findings have on our nation’s security

BMC and RightStar partnered with IDG to survey federal employees in IT-security management roles and find out where U.S. federal organizations currently stand in regard to cybersecurity.

The results of the study told a story of IT leadership striving to be more proactive, yet working within a system that makes proactive cybersecurity a huge challenge. It illustrated that incident discovery and remediation are taking too long, and that federal cybersecurity is lagging too far behind the private sector — but there is hope. More automation, simplified and standardized tools, and ongoing training at all levels within federal organizations can help them catch up.

The result of these federal cybersecurity efforts cannot be understated. The security of our very nation is at stake, and federal IT leadership is on the forefront of our defense.


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