MarsLander Simulation

September 26, 2019  |  9 am to 2 pm
MarsLander - An ITILĀ® 4 / DevOps Simulation

1601 Broadway, Room #605, New York, NY 10019

This is a great opportunity to learn more about ITIL 4 and DevOps and experience them together in action.

In this highly interactive simulation, you will play the role of a Mission Control team member of the MarsLander mission. You will be challenged to apply ITIL 4 concepts such as the "Service Value System" and "Service Value Streams" to co-create value for the Space-Y organization. There is heavy competition and high customer expectations which are continually evolving. Can the team demonstrate agility as well as stability in delivering new products and services to the market?

Jenine Wech, Agile Transformation Coach at RightStar, will lead you through this exciting simulation that will help you move toward a more Lean, Agile approach to Service Management.

Cost: FREE! Includes Lunch and all materials


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