RightStar | Atlassian Jira Align Ask Me Anything December 1st, 2:00PM ET

RightStar's Jira Align Expert, Jennifer Hill, is here to answer any questions you may have surrounding JIra Align, SAFe, Agile Transformations and how they all work together. 

Common questions about Jira Align have been: 

    1. At what point does it make sense to include Jira Align as a part of our Agile tooling?

    2. Who is included in the user base for Jira Align?

    3. Why is Jira Align not available as a standalone solution, but instead must be integrated with Jira?

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Speaker Notes: Jennifer Hill RightStar, Director of Agile Operations, RightStar

Jennifer is a Lean-Agile leader and Agile transformation expert with 30+ years’ experience in business, technology, and leading Lean-Agile teams and organizations. As a Certified SAFe 5.0 Program Consultant (SPC5), Jennifer has launched new Agile Release Trains and Centers of Excellence, developed custom Agile and Scaled Agile training, and trained and onboarded new users to Atlassian’s Agile toolset. Having worked on both the Business and Technology sides of organizations, she understands how to help clients align strategy with execution, measure outcomes, and achieve business agility at all levels.

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